Miliarderit i humb grueja, kqyreni se çka zbulon mandej!

Nji biznismen italian, që kishte mendue se të shoqen ia kanë rrëmbye, u habit kur mësoi të vërtetën në Instagram.

Gianluca Cervara kontaktoi policinë mbasi tutej se e shoqja e re, nji modele e shpallun Miss Ukraina, ishte rrëmbye nga ndonji bandë.

Por, ma vonë zbuloi se e shoqja e tij e re po pozonte me nji burrë në nji hotel me pesë yje, tue shkrue “Liri” te fotot.

Miliarderi thotë se ka me paditë Anna Zaiachkivska, mbasi ka shkelë marrëveshjen martesore dhe i ka vjedhë rreth 7 mijë euro dhe nji telefon.


Pic shows: Anna Zaiachkivska; A billionaire businessman who told police his beauty queen wife had vanished is reportedly suing her after finding out she had left him and fled to America. Anna Zayachkivska, 24, who won the 2013 Miss Ukraine beauty contest, had apparently told her Italian husband Gianluca Cervara she was happy to be a part of his family - but then ran away the next day. Anna even wrote on her social media profile just a day before her unexpected disappearance: "My amazing Gianluca Cervara, thank you that I can be your flower and part of the family." According to Ukrainian website the couple had already married in a registry office and had signed papers in the Town Hall, and were planning a formal church wedding this month. However the Ukrainian beauty obviously had other plans as she disappeared one day in July. She never returned to their home in the northern Italian city of Milan and Mr Cervara reported her missing. But any police interest in the case cooled after photographs appeared on social media of Ms Zayachkivska in the USA with an unknown man. Explaining her decision to, she reportedly implied that the reason she left was violence. She said: "He raised his hands against me. The first time when he did it I ran away to my parentsâ house in the western Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk. I did not tell them what the matter was. He came to get me, and I gave him a second chance, but during an argument he spat in my face, and I simply could not take it. I said I am going to leave him, but I changed my mind again. "I had headaches for a week but Gianluca did not care about it. Finally I decided I needed to make changes as I was fed up of living in a golden cage and I ran away." According to Russian glamour site it was also allegedly discovered that she had taken 6,000 EUR (5,000 GBP) from Mr Cervara's safe, as well as his mobile phone, when she left Milan. Gianluca said when speaking to "Judgi

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